The Kind Advent Calendar

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I LOVE Christmas... this is a fabulous gift to send to every child you know!  Each day in the run up to Christmas there is a kindness challenge (like leave a gift for your postman) and a bible verse to read.  The bible verses tell the story of of the coming Christ... it is hand drawn and the border is a lovely gentle grey wool - I love textiles and this makes it more wintery.

Since this popped out of my brain this has been our absolute best seller every year. 

It comes in A4 which is easy and cheap to post or A3 slightly less easy or cheap to post!  We have printed them on recycled card because we love our world, and it means it will last more than one year!

We hope it brings you great joy and encourages much kindness in the people around you.

It is also available as a download or in small bulk orders to give out to kids at school and church!