The Happiness Journal - Thank your Way to Happiness

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This is a life changing journal... it is true how the simplest things can make the biggest difference in our lives. It is a journey towards happiness, contentment, sound mental health, supernatural peace, a changed perspective and deep joy! Simply by saying THANK YOU!

A big claim ... yes, but it is true that thankfulness changes our perspective, renews our mind, brings us closer to God and leads to breakthrough... I started a thankfulness journal myself a few years ago and I can honestly say it has transformed my life. 

The Happiness Journal is simply laid out so that you can do it as an individual or as a household and it gives you a chance to reflect each day on three things you are thankful for. It also provides some little challenges for you too... Like looking at your body and being thankful for that... or choosing to welcome Jesus into even the most mundane bits of our life.

It comes with a HAPPYOMETER so you can gauge your progress on a daily basis - you can download a colour version of it here for free.  It is a funny and interactive tool.

Get in touch if you would like a bulk order too.

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