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Little Box of Blessings and Promises (LIMITED EDITION)

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We are delighted that these are back in stock.  They are now in beautifully crafted wooden boxes with little catches.... What better gift to someone you love than a box full of God's rich blessings and promises?  

The idea of this is not new - I think it was the Victorians who used to make these little boxes with verses scrolled up as a very personal and special gift.  I have often made them for friends in the past and so thought I would try to make some to sell.

Each box has at least 50 verses which are rolled up by hand and with love.  They can be used during lent or to memorise a verse each week or simply when you feel you need a reminder of what God has done for you.

There is also a 'Little Box of Power Declarations' and 'Little Box of Prayer Tools' available.