Kingdom Finance... A3 Print SALE

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God doesn't want us to worry about our finances, in fact, we have learnt that he is passionate about generosity, always out giving us.  What we do with our money and our things matters to God as it affects the state of our heart.   We have had our fair share of money challenges but we have always seen God break in, usually in unexpected ways.  

We have learnt that if we are bold and generous with what we have He is always faithful. You cannot out-give God!

If you are on a journey of faith yourself or trying to help your friends or family to view money and possessions from God's perspective then this is the print for you... 

All our poster prints are great for family or group discussion as well as intended to inspire personal devotional time.  They are printed on recycled paper in A3 size and come rolled up in a triangular tube.