Into The Father's Heart A3 POSTER SALE

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Take 40 days to change your life! The best thing we can do at any time in our life is to press into the Father's heart. To know Him better, understand how He sees us and know that He longs to embrace us.

This is a bright and colourful 40 days challenge to help individuals, groups or families get a taste of His character and how much He loves and knows us.  You can take it as it is or you can delve deep into the waters of his word... read the passages more fully and take time to listen to His specific word for you each day.

We are so grateful to our friends Charlie and Jenny who have helped us walk this journey ourselves over the last few weeks - our Father is longing to be found and to release us into the world as the Sons and Daughters that we are!

We will be praying for you as you fall into his rich and powerful arms.

This printed on recycled paper in A3 size.

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