Guided Journal - Deeper Into the Heart of God

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This is my first published book and I am DELIGHTED with how it has turned out.  It is a guided 40 day journal going deeper into the heart of God for individual, family or group study and full of cheeky little illustrations.  It works any time of the year but is perfect for lenten reflections in the run up to Easter. The main feedback is that it has been fantastic for mother's and daughters.

The purpose of this journal is to help you get to know Father God, understand his character and find your place in the story, His story. Each day there is a short bible reading, some ideas for your journal writing, a practical action to take and a prayer suggestion.

It will take at least 5 minutes and you will need a pen and a modern translation of the bible. There are four sections: 1. Preparing for the journey, 2. The character of God, 3. Our story in God's story and 4. Our response.

It's a life changing adventure into the bible guided by the Lord.

It is a great gift for friends or families. I am planning to give it to all my girl godchildren... I am not sure any of the boys in my life will be bothered with it, if I am honest!

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If you would like to do this as a group you can now get this in batches of 10 for £5.50 each. 

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