God's Superpowers (Fruit of the Spirit) A3 POSTER

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On the school run we regularly ask God for one or two of His Superpowers to help us through the day. Our favourite is Joy because if you ask for Joy it has a secret bonus... you get strength because Nehemiah teaches us that the Joy of the Lord is our strength!  We have found that calling the Fruit of the Spirit God's superpowers makes them much more accessible and fun for smaller people!

We made this as a poster because we realise that it is something we should all try to access every day.

We hope that God's Superpowers bring great joy and delight to whoever you get them for.

This is printed on recycled paper in A3 size and is available framed or unframed.

We are trialing some frames so you can get it framed in a black or a white frame with clear perspex glass to reduce breakage - ideal for children's bedrooms.