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I Sleep In Peace, I live Unafraid - A4 or A3 PRINT

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In these very strange times our need to sleep deeply is so important. Psalm 8 speaks about lying down to sleep in peace and the Passion Translation talks about living UNAFRAID... God's peace goes beyond our understanding...  let God do the worrying and let's lie down in peace, trusting HE is right there with us. We need not fear.

This print has been one that I have had so many requests for and I am delighted that it is now available in two sizes (A3 and A4).

I recently sent this to someone who was struggling to sleep and like always, I pray over all my orders. She reported the day after she got it that she had slept the best sleep in weeks and no bad dreams.  Whether you purchase this or not, I pray that you will see this and remember because of God you sleep deeply and well.

This is printed on beautiful thick, textured paper and works for boys or girls, men or women.

We are awaiting some lovely grey frames so that in due course you will be able to purchase this framed and ready to hang.