Bespoke Cartoon Family Portraits

Regular price £45.00

These are funny, personal and full of character... designed for the smallest room in the house rather than the grand hallway. They make wonderful gifts for special occasions. 

They are drawn individually in ink and pencil on lovely thick cartridge paper to your specifications. They are small, usually between nine and fifteen centimetres wide and approximately 12cm high.

Each one comes with a caption, and at least three specific 'things' flying around as well as some generic hearts, stars, flowers and musical notes depending on what you require.  I will charge and extra £5 for any additional extras but this can be paid once it is complete.  Once I get your order I will email you some questions about exactly what you want, request a photo and then it will take up to 30 days to prepare. If you require more than 6 people please do contact me directly - it is not an exact science!

Please also chat to me directly if you would like me to get it framed. Framing starts at £20 and I usually have a small selection of them in grey, black and brown/wood.

I am also able to get them printed for you as bespoke greetings cards or as headed paper. If this is something you would like please let me know and I can give you a quote.

Please note, they are cartoons not really portraits so they are not intended to be a perfect reflection just a fun representation.