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An Advent Adventure Booklet for Children and Families

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It is with GREAT joy that we are doing the kid's ADVENT ADVENTURE BOOKLET again this year.  We had incredible feedback from children and families as they worked through it together.  Surprisingly, much of our feedback was from younger teenagers who found they could truly connect with the Christmas story through this book but it is aimed at primary school aged children.

It gave me great pleasure to work with Nick Taylor, the 'head of community outreach' at our church to produce this.  We wanted to produce something that helped us go a little bit deeper than an advent calendar as we journey towards the joys of Christ's birth.  For each day there is a bible reading, a note about it and an action!

You can do it as an individual, as a family or with friends.  It is a great gift for the children that you love and pray for and really fun for children's churches or kids groups too.

You will need a bible, something to write with and some days you might need a few other things like to be able to play music or light a candle.  

We have loved doing this using different bits from nature and bits of felt and string and hope that it gives great joy to you and your loved ones.

Contact me directly for orders of over 10 as I can do a bulk price for you.

It is printed in the UK on uncoated paper and has a soft and tactile quality and it is easy to write on.

If you are looking for more ideas for family life do have a look at our church website for some amazing resources