A Mother's Journal: Being Loved and Loving Well

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I am so excited about this little guided journal designed for mums who want the Lord to lead them as they love, guide and empower their children to live good lives. It is full of wisdom, spiritual exercises and practical ideas for parenting and home life.  The role of a mother is all consuming and complex so this journal is intended to provide a simple way to focus on some of the things that really matter: your own relationship with God and with others, your home, your values and of course your children.

All you need is a bible, a pen and at least 5 minutes!

It is a great gift for mums especially with children still living at home but almost all of it would work for any mum. 

If you want a signed copy just add a note in your order!

If you would like to do this as a group you can now get this in batches of 10 for £5.50 each - do email me directly to discuss this: perry@perry-may.com  

SHHH... If you have Amazon Prime, you can get it with free delivery for the same price, here is the link: https://amzn.to/3vfAJVZ