A Little Something About Us

We are Mike and Perry. We live in a little cottage in West Sussex with our football mad son, scruffy dog and a growing number of rescue chickens. We love seeing people flourish, eating good food with friends and trying to grow stuff. Much of Perry’s brain power goes into managing a small child's football career, being thankful and trying to be a domestic goddess.  She has always dreamed of having a business that has creativity at its heart and has been doing cartoons and illustrations since she could hold a pen.

'Perry-May' started in 2018 when we decided it was time to pursue the things on our hearts.   The idea is that each item is designed to help build connection with the Lord be it as individuals, in families or as a group.  Perry has written a couple of guided journals during lock down and delighted with a new little colouring book.  The clothing line is a new aspect but has been long in coming having finally partnered with the first fully cyclical clothing factory in the UK.  

We hope that 'Perry-May' will become a place you will return to for meaningful gifts and faith building treasures on a regular basis.