Walking in Favour A3 Poster

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Over the last year we have been trying to get our heads around what it means to walk in favour with the Lord (and man) just like Jesus did.

This poster is a little study on it - ideal to have above the sink when you are washing up or next to your desk so you can grab a morsel of truth every now and again to feed your soul but also to give you courage to seek after God's favour in all aspects of your life.

This is a poster printed on recycled paper - we did this to enable us to reduce the cost as it is probably something you will have on the wall for a couple of months, not for the long term.

The Poster is available only in A3 size.

We are trialing some frames so you can get it framed in a black or a white frame with clear perspex glass to reduce breakage - ideal for children's bedrooms. Please message directly for details perry@perry-may.com