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This is who I am... A3 POSTER

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Knowing who we are is foundational for living a meaningful life, it enables us to work and play from a place of strength.  It affects our decision making and how we relate to others.

How differently we might live our lives if we truly believed we were known, loved and chosen?

This colourful poster is full of powerful and true declarations that you can use to meditate on, chat over a meal or discuss in a group.  We have found it helpful to have easily accessible verses and colourful images that we can chat through in those little windows of attention with our 7 year old... but I know that I need them just as much at 50!

I try to remember to put on my metaphorical crown each morning before I leave the house... It makes a huge difference! 

We will be praying that the eyes of your heart are opened and you are able to truly believe the truth about yourself. You are significant and there is a plan for your life.

This is printed on recycled paper in A3 size.