WOMEN's Holy Hoodies and Wholesome T'shirts

The clothing element to Perry-May is slowly growing... we now have some very holy joggers!  I love wearing things that have meaning so each article you purchase here will have words or symbols that reflect an aspect of our faith.

All our clothing is organic, ethically sourced and locally produced in the UK.  It is produced using renewable energy and delivered in plastic free packaging.  Each order is made personally for you and will be packaged and posted to you directly from the factory. Please note that the colours online are brighter than they will actually appear on the printed fabric ie. The printed messages will be slightly muted.

As a family we are very fortunate to get lovely second hand clothing from kind friends with children a little older than ours and also have lovely charity shops around where we live.  So for us buying new clothes is a luxury and so we hope that when you purchase one from us it is something you really love and enjoy wearing. 

RETURNS/EXCHANGES: As your product is made especially for you we really hope you will not want to return or exchange it.  But if you do please contact me directly and we will make the necessary arrangements although postage will not be covered unless the product is faulty.

SIZING: The sizing is roughly the same as M&S with lovely long arms but most people want their hoodies and joggers to come up bigger so I suggest you order a size larger.  In the photo of the hope hoodie is size 16 and Jess is probably a size 10! 

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