Floral 'Prayer' Crown (LIMITED EDITION)

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I am really passionate about standing up into the person God made me to be. I am God's child and therefore I am a princess in his kingdom.  I often forget this but have discovered that if I spend time each day wearing a crown as a prophetic act, it helps me to live differently. Sometimes I sit at my desk wearing one of these or use it when I am having a quiet time. It makes for some really fun discussions at Zoom meetings!

It comes with a declaration from Isaiah 61 to speak over yourself as you wear it!

I have wanted to put some 'prayer tools' in my shop for a long time and so I am delighted to have found this.  

It is approximately 55cm in circumference so would fit an adult head more easily than a child's but because it has a wire base it could be bent to fit a child. The flowers are not real (!) they are 100% polyester but I think they look fantastic!

My little model is Octavia ... we took this cute snap in a field whilst socially distancing!  She models it so well!