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40 Ways to be Kind ... PRINTABLE

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This is my first bit of creativity in 2022! It is a combination of collage and inky illustrations.  I believe that kindness is a quality that is very underrated.  Before I got married, the best advice I had was to find someone who is KIND... and I have done that!

So let's challenge ourselves and our households to do these 40 acts... being kind to yourself means you have more capacity to be kind to others. Whilst it does include a challenge to pray and to read the bible, it is the sort of thing you could send to friends and family who are not church goers.

You can do this in order or you could do them in any order and cross them off each time you have done them - some of the little tasks are really easy like 'give away a compliment' and may only take a moment, but some of them are a bit trickier like choosing to forgive someone.  You may find that some of them you could do more than once (eg Stretching) and even begin to include them in your weekly routines?

I hope you enjoy doing them as much as I have enjoyed making it.  It will be available as a print very soon.


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It is a high quality PDF made to print on A4 white paper. If you would prefer it in A3 do send me an email and I will organise that for you.

I recommend printing it on white paper or thin white card for best results. I personally prefer it on matt rather than gloss.


Because of the nature of instant downloads, there will be no refunds or returns but if you have any issues please contact me.


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**Please note that colours on your screen and on the printed design may vary based on computer monitors, printers and choice of paper/cardstock.**