Little Box of Power Declarations

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This is exactly what I need every day - a declaration of truth about who I am and what God thinks of me. This is a great little box for someone who needs to know who they really are. 

The idea of this is not new - I think it was the Victorians who used to make these little boxes with verses scrolled up as a very personal and special gift.  I have often made them for friends in the past and so thought I would try to make some to sell.  It is the first time I have made one that is only DECLARATIONS! 

Each box has 54 verses which are rolled up by hand and with love.  They can be used during lent or to memorise a verse each week (plus a couple of bonus ones) or simply when you feel you need a reminder of who you are in Christ.

The box is 9cm square and made of craft card.  

There is also a 'Little Box of Blessings and Promises' available.